Sure, you could say I'm a warrior because of my 20 years of honorable service as a U.S. Marine.
OR because of my experience in speaking and inspiring hundreds of women all over the world.
OR maybe because after having my second daughter, I was able to go from a size 9 to a size 0.

Or because I started my business in Dubai, and coached ambitious women expatriates and local Arab women. Or because I'm a single mom who bounced back after a difficult divorce. And I have two daughters, both goddesses who are positively influencing themselves and other people.

After all, these are WARRIOR traits, right?

But I'm a Warrior Goddess because of so much more than that.


I have been able to rise up in the face of adversity.
You see, I struggled with stress, depression, anxiety and self-doubt.
All of this while I was in the military and raising a family.
I learned to cope with an extremely stressful work environment, and managed to find equilibrium.

Sometimes, I will admit, I felt so alone.

I didn't know how to communicate and connect with my children because the military requires you to be assertive, aggressive, and you develop an ambitious temperament.
As a result, I realized I was suppressing my nurturing capabilities and disregarded my self-care. This oversight was diminishing my ability and willingness to be present and enjoy my life.  

How could I take care of my family
when I wasn't taking control of myself?

Make a long story short, I ended up having a massive panic attack that took me straight into the emergency room.
This inability to breathe made me question my life, and I started to victimize myself.
In the emergency room, I kept asking myself, "why is this happening to me?" 

I was too young to be experiencing any medical ailments. So what did I do? I started to pray, and I asked God for forgiveness. And then something miraculous happened. The nurse made me place a small pill underneath my tongue. This immediately opened up my chest cavity, and I was able to breathe without restriction. When your breathing is compromised, it forces you to look at your life with a different lens. 

And then after 15 years of marriage, my soul mate abruptly changed and morphed overnight into an angry stranger. Never once did he mention he was unhappy in our marriage. The betrayal was painful but I realized that life was working for me, not against me and that I must move forward in a new way. Sexy confidence enabled me to see myself as a warrior not a worrier and have self-love and compassion for the challenges I faced. These challenging periods in my life and many others made me realize that I would need a different mindset. A mindset that would handle setbacks, obstacles, failure, and rejection with a different perspective. It was in those moments I consciously made a decision that would completely transform my life:

I decided that I would become a victor of life's circumstances. 


I fought back. 
I wanted more from my life.
I changed my life by developing an attitude of gratitude. Moreover, I cultivated mindfulness, and realized that I needed a strong foundation. A strong foundation comprised of self-belief, self-love, high-caliber habits, and wellness rituals that Being a worrier was a thing of the past. I became an
empowered woman that had to inspire other ambitious entrepreneurs to live an extraordinary life, elevate their mindset and harness their own Sexy Confidence.

I found my calling in helping other women do the same. What about you? Do you listen to what CALLS at you? Or what CLAWS at you?

You want to hear the truth?

We all have our stories and our battles.

We are all going through our journey and we always need guidance to get us to our destination.
My story might or might not be different than yours.
But one thing is certain, I understand your vision and the problems you might be facing on the way to the top. 

All it takes is one decision.

Are you ready to make yours?




During this free consultation, we will get you absolute clarity on how to develop more Sexy Confidence in yourself. We do this by helping you clarify how to raise your energy and focus, understand how self-doubt is keeping you from playing bigger and coming up with a plan to help you snap out of triggers faster.