Women's Leadership Retreat

A 4 day weekend VIP Intensive specifically designed for the High Caliber Woman Entrepreneur looking to develop sexy confidence and a healthy balanced life

so she can make self-doubt a thing of the past and stand out as a radiant leader.

Sound like you?

Do the days seem to go by, and you feel frustrated because you constantly compare yourself to others? 

Do you feel like a fraud, and maybe think another course or certification will give you the confidence you need to stand out.

Do you fear saying the
wrong thing? Because it morally and ethically contradicts what other people believe?

It's time you became an Empowered Warrior

a successful, ambitious goddess that has the
sexy confidence, clarity, and purpose
to give your life traction.

What if you...

Made a simple change in your life that would spark the momentum you have been looking for 

Finally started taking action, even if it feels scary, and feel fulfilled and excited because there is progress

Develop the right habits that generate energy and enthusiam for life and business

Develop a true sense of self-awareness, mindfulness, and deeper understanding about what drives you

Finally understand your true purpose and started living life with intention 

Feel supported around a safe, loving community that holds you accountable, making sure you are staying on track 

This is what being an Empowered Warrior Goddess is all about


Hi, I'm Sandra

I'm a warrior goddess that thrives in empowering women just like you to step into the confident leader you were destined to be. I spent 20 years serving my country, and in the process, I realized the importance of developing sexy confidence and the right mindset. I faced many obstacles and challenges along the way, and I realized that sexy confidence, discipline, and resiliency have been key characteristics to my success. And now, I want to teach you how to develop this mindset that is possibly lying dormant. It's my responsibility and moral obligation to give you the weapons (tools) that are necessary to become an unstoppable, empowered woman who is seen as a leader in her field.

Hi, I'm Sandra

I'm a warrior goddess that thrives in empowering women just like you to step into the confident leader you already have inside of you. I spent 20 years in the Marine Corps serving my country, and in the process, I realized how much strength I had in my heart. I have faced many obstacles and challenges in the literal and figurative battlefield, and I know that having the confidence, discipline and motivation have been the key to my success. And now, I want to teach you how to spark that Warrior Goddess that already exists within your heart by giving you the tools that are necessary to become an unstoppable empowered entrepreneur.

8-weeks of practical, implementable and transformational
lessons & experiences to help you develop a different mindset
that will unleash your true potential

What we cover in the 8 Week Training Modules

We begin with Module 1 a life-changing introduction and we introduce the importance of SELF-CARE, a strong foundation for staying empowered

Module 2 teaches you how to build a STRONG MINDSET, so you discover your "why" so you can stay committed 

Module 3 empowers you to SET A GOAL so you can experience tangible results in one area of your life

Module 4 helps you lubricate your mind so you can SAFEGUARD YOUR POSITIVITY and learn how to sustain emotional security

Module 5, how to SPEAK UP, without fear of saying the wrong thing, and being transparent and authentic 

Module 6, how to SAY "NO" so you establish healthy boundaries, and teach other people how to treat you  through assertiveness

Module 7, how to SUMMON YOUR FEARS and develop courage to take big risks, and step outside your comfort zone so you can be seen as a leader

Module 8, reinforces what you learn so you can START SHINING as you consistently develop sexy confidence in all areas of life 

What the program includes

Real accountability and live support that will guarantee you finally take disciplined action in reaching your goals

8 powerful, practical applications that will enable you to take these practices into your day-to-day life 

The tools and habits that will keep you on track after the 8 weeks are over

8 Empowered Goddess training lessons that will enable you to develop the high-caliber habits for success

Lifetime Access of the program for life. You will automatically be granted access to every update and new release

Access to the private community where you will be surrounded by women just like you

Let's unleash the
Empowered Warrior in you 

You might be wondering,
how do I know if The Empowered Warrior is for me?


Look, I get it. You feel that you should probably be investing in other marketing strategies or things you have to do to build your business.

But here's the truth: what you need isn't yet another marketing strategy. What you need is a strong foundation, a system, or process that reinforces your leadership skills. The tools that walk you through the process   and teaches you how to implement and take action so that you can start crushing your goals and creating meaningful moments because you have alignment in your life and business. 

What we cover in this program is groundbreaking and will completely transform your life because without these tools, you will continue to feel unfulfilled because you need to develop your mindset.   

This experience will empower and change you forever, leaving you with fierce focus and ready to make the purposeful, and profitable impact you deserve!


Let's unleash the
Empowered Warrior in you