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Enough is enough! Why life-stressors are manipulating your lifestyle..

You are an amazing woman that deserves to be loved, respected and admired. As a full time mom, you are inundated with life stressors and you are last on your to-do list. WHY! Mom? Why did you let yourself go? You do not bother putting on make-up anymore, have no energy or motivation to workout and when you focus on your family they think you are nagging all the time. Is this you? What happened? At one point you had it all together and now you have slowly lost your identity.

NOW is the time to take care of yourself! Life does not stop and your husband and children will always need your attention, love and support. They will always rely on MOM for sustenance. As such, you are very influential and your positivity, composure, and guidance is needed on a daily basis. How do you presently function? Are you moody, unhappy, and dislike your physique? Please know that you absolutely matter since you are the foundation of your family and everyday you make sacrifices for their stability and growth. Your unconditional love propels you forward and you operate instinctively. Sometimes you are so exhausted that you’ve given up on accentuating your looks or have completely neglected yourself. I am here to empower you with change. Starting today, you can change anything that does not serve you. That includes the negative self-talk, stop that non-sense! It is up to you to make a decision and positively change your lifestyle. Yes, you can be organized, disciplined, beautiful and healthy. Let me show you how~ Because you are a unique, beautiful woman who deserves so much more, I have designed a catered program that empowers you to live the life you deserve. I challenge you to Seek your Sexy. Seek your Sexy enables you to:

  • Discipline your mindset through a holistic approach (positivity in daily requirements that require structure & organization by accentuating your health)
  • Help you lose excess weight through nutritional guidance (lose that baby fat mama! you got this, trust me most likely I will make you eat more healthy foods)
  • Accentuate your looks through beauty techniques and etiquette (there is only one you! accentuate what you got and learn to love the person you see in the mirror)
  • Prepare healthy meals, so your family can function through optimal performance (stop feeding them McDonalds! My daughter never asks for fast food, let me share my secret)
  • Network and meet other like-minded fabulous women that will advocate personal growth (I conduct Seminars to motivate you in person. YES, I want to meet you and it is fun!)

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About Sandra

Sandra Gonzalez is a well-respected Military Officer in America. She served 20 years of honorable military service and is the go-to source for women who seek a disciplined lifestyle. Her distinct combination of discipline and motivation sets Sandra apart from other coaches and trainers. Her strategic framework ultimately translates into desired results. She is the perfect combination of empathy and accountability because she knows first-hand the challenges women face and what it takes to motivate them. As a United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor, she trained more than 500 women recruits for the rigors of combat operations. Discipline is her passion! She will build you up through motivation not intimidate you and her empowerment technique will get you on the right track.

Furthermore, Sandra retired as a Chief Warrant Officer 3 from the United States Marine Corps. Sandra understands the hardships women face on a daily basis. At one point, she too was overwhelmed with life stressors and gained excess weight after the birth of her second child. Due to a stressful lifestyle, Sandra also felt displeased and unattractive with her physique. She eventually learned that nutrient dense foods and weight training would assist her in sculpting a healthier mind and body. This self-empowerment of seeking happiness through a holistic approach led to her passion of helping other women. Sandra believes in her “Seek your Sexy” strategy and continuously mentors other women to do the same. Sandra’s enthusiastic coaching method and healthy balanced approach is contagious. As a Jennifer Nicole Lee (JNL Fusion Certified Master Trainer)  Sandra successfully lost 25 lbs. Her story is shared in JNL’s DVD Exercise Infomercials as a testimonial and she will teach you to do the same.

She is dedicated in training women through personal growth. Sandra conducts seminars, personal training, and on-line training, coupled with nutritional awareness. She is a devoted entrepreneur, fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker, mother and wife who’s purpose in life is to help women Seek their Sexy. Her relentless commitment to excellence will enable you to Seek your Sexy in all facets of life. Her seminars are dedicated to women who struggle and need a motivational kick in the butt! Sandra believes that by empowering women in a myriad of aspects we can glorify the aesthetics within. Sign up for her monthly newsletter and join her as she teaches wellness, personal etiquette, exercise, nutrition and style.  She is a classy lady who will invigorate your lifestyle!  Sandra’s story inspires women to make a change. Her personal transformation of battling weight and struggling with depression, will motivate and captivate your soul! Sign up below and reach out to her. Email her directly for more information about her life coaching sessions, seminars or motivational newsletters.

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