Everybody has the potential to improve their self-confidence. It’s not as difficult as it might seem. You just need to apply the following steps in order to transform how you see yourself.

1. Seek Personal Growth

Starting a business will be one of the hardest things you will ever do. It’s hard in the beginning, because there is no easy path. And even though it might be difficult, women entrepreneurs are drawn to this way of life because they are passionate about contribution.

They want to be great, they want to serve, and contribute more to their families and to society.

There is an intrinsic need and desire that propels them forward.

This desire gives them uneasiness because they don’t necessarily know where to start. They have desire but lack clarity on who to serve and what to focus on.

Make no mistake, one thing they are clear about is taking control of their finances, future, and freedom.

Is this you? Do you want to take your passion, productivity, or personal life to the next level?

“You know some incredible force is silently encouraging you to make a difference.”

But why don’t you STEP-UP? If this is you, and you have an innate desire for more keep reading.

Starting today, become an unstoppable force of nature and acknowledge that this is your mission in life. It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge and you must solve it and move forward. 

Channel this uneasiness and deep desire through curiosity.

Be curious about where you are and where you need to go. I get it though, the hard thing about this challenge is that sometimes there is no specific instructions on how you should proceed.

You have to figure out what it is you want, and how you need to show up in the world.

So think about it?

What do you want more than anything?  

When a woman reaches this point, I highly recommend she seek clarity through personal growth.

Right now, you know you are not living to your full potential. Please know this is ok, and this is your entry point.

Shift your attitude and seek a solution.

One of my recommendations would be to seek personal growth. Personal growth gives your business and life ammunition. It gives you insightful direction on where you need to focus. This ability to focus enhances your self-esteem which is crucial to your success.

Listen, nobody will actually give you permission to move forward. You must decide and take a leap of faith.

Surrender and accept that you must allow yourself permission to seek clarity, and personal growth. The ability to make this decision will instantly shift your mindset forward.

Redirect your focus by concentrating on personal growth.

When you do this, you spark an indomitable, warrior spirit because personal growth is the best way to spark confidence.

Start with what you love to learn and focus on those key strengths.

As a Warrior Coach, I’m here to tell you that you have a specific mission in life, and my goal is to help you harness intrinsic growth.

For example, there’s a specific reason why you are reading this at this moment. Trust the process, learn to relax, and relinquish control because life is guiding you. So keep reading…

Make a decision, and brainstorm, “Where can I seek personal growth?”

Whatever you decide, please remember that performing something repeatedly helps you become better. Personal growth, reinforces your self-esteem so focus on improving yourself everyday.

2. Sculpt your Physique

One of the most empowering things I did for myself was to sculpt my physique.

It was a transformational process that strengthened me in all aspects and made me feel sexy. Moreover, this process helped shape my consistency and focus of effort. But the most important aspect it helped shape was the internal belief that grew inside me.

Everyday I was shaping not only my body, but my mind as well. I learned that my belief in myself to keep going had to be strengthened every single day.

In the beginning, it isn’t willpower, or self-discipline that keeps you committed or engaged.

It’s the burning DESIRE for more, and because you’ve had enough try something new.

This desire coupled with a new belief, is what kept me going. I remember telling myself, “This time, I will not fail. This time I will stay committed, and recognize who or what is sabotaging my success. You must do the same.

Tell yourself,

  • I will not fail
  • I will learn
  • I will pick myself up
  • I will learn from this experience
  • I will keep moving forward

On a separate note, you will be amazed at how your body responds when you start lifting weights, or try something new.

Of course nutrition is part of this process, and it’s the most important factor because nutrition is 80% of the weight loss equation.

Because of this personal commitment and belief, I had chiseled away fat and ended up losing 25 lbs. in approximately 8 months. I sculpted my physique by losing inches and had gone from a size 9 to a size 0.

This return on investment made me believe in the power of habits.

Since then, I’ve made it a lifestyle commitment to eat healthy, and exercise for the rest of my life. It’s a keystone habit that has made me a better mom, and entrepreneur.

Sculpting your physique is, “Self-Care 101.” It’s a prerequisite and the most important thing you can do as a woman, is strengthen your body.

As you strengthen your body, you will also be strengthening other areas of your life such as; your willpower, self-discipline, concentration, and focus.

“A woman who takes the time to sculpt her physique exudes athletic prowess.”

Do you agree?

This athletic prowess makes her a warrior and people respect her because she carries a high degree of prestige.

Athletic prowess fuels her conviction and she is not easily manipulated by temptation, or external forces.

She is a force to be reckoned with and knows that nourishing her body with optimal nutrition, is fundamental to her success.

She relies on mental, physical, and emotional nourishment that habitually keep her engaged to stay in the fight. Moreover, the process of sculpting her physique has given her a genuine connection with herself.

Because of the daily ritual she has developed, she is different. She is calm, has composure and practices mindfulness. This mindfulness gives her the ability to control her thoughts, feelings and emotions. This connection also reinforces that what truly matters is progress not perfection.

3. Seize Progress not Perfection

As you persevere in transforming your self-confidence be mindful of how you will stay committed. It’s easy to give up when you experience failure or disappointments. Your mind will tell you to go back to your default mode where it is safe and comfortable.

This is a red flag and please do not settle for the easy route.

Allow yourself to get comfortable with uncomfortable situations.

When you experience setbacks along the way, give yourself permission to focus on progress not perfection.

So what do you do when you have worked so hard in one area, and you are not experiencing results?

Seize progress in identifying what is working, and what is not working. 

“Seize progress, not perfection. Pay attention to the lesson, life leaves clues.”

Be strategic when it comes to your next move.

A BIG recommendation would be for you to stop comparing yourself to others. We tend to compare ourselves with people we admire or look up to.

Don’t compare yourself, and be proud of what you have to offer, and be relentless with your approach.

Be mindful of when you start comparing yourself with others.

This way of thinking is a distraction and sucks you in to the analysis paralysis loop. We think we don’t measure up and we have nothing tangible to offer. 

I’m here to tell you that, it’s a big, fat lie and you have so much wisdom, and knowledge. You have experienced so much, so your mission is to keep striving. 


Trust me on this one, it’s just lying dormant. So what do you do?

Shift from perfectionism to progress, and be ok with experiencing small, progressive steps along the way.

This shift will require a different mindset. A new mindset is always required as you progress through life but you have to be willing to accept.

  • Are you willing to accept something new?
  • Are you sick and tired of not making meaningful progress?
  • Are you feeling trapped and don’t know how to get out?

Acknowledging acceptance helps you become flexible. Have the willingness to look within and truly acknowledge who is sabotaging your goals when things don’t go right.

Most of the time it’s self-sabotage that keeps us from experiencing progress.

If you don’t believe what I am saying then please stop reading this, because I’m not in the business of convincing people.

But if you believe in what I am saying, then keep reading because this message will resonate with you.

Think about the excuses or distractions that are keeping you stagnant.

  • What habits are hindering your progress?
  • What does your self-talk sound like on a daily basis?
  • What are your beliefs about yourself?

Are you a negative Nancy? Or a supercharged Sandy? Right now, you might be thinking, “I’m different than everybody else, I’ve always lacked self-confidence, and I’ve always been this way.

Please know that this negative self-talk is natural, and it’s part of life.

However, what I will tell you is this, it’s a mindset issue, you are not alone, and we can totally fix this!

“Your mindset is the first thing we need to work on if you wish to create change or achieve positive results.”

You are a boss babe, so learn to tell your thoughts how you feel and what you want. Take control, and give your life direction.

A high-caliber warrior is vigilant about her inner dialogue.

She understands that there are other destructive forces that are trying to destroy and deter her on a daily basis.

So what does she do?

She values her worth because she’s been criticizing herself for years and it hasn’t worked.

Shifting her mindset by approving her progress reassures her she is on the right track. My recommendation is that you seize progress, and not perfection.

4. Safeguard Positivity

This is another one of my secrets of how I stay in the fight.

Safeguarding positivity strengthens intrinsic ammunition. This ammunition is your self-esteem and the way you feel about yourself. This is a critical warfighting tactic because external forces will try to impose their will.

It’s a source of energy that I tap into on a daily basis. One of the questions women often ask me at my seminars or through coaching is, “How can I stop worrying or stop being so negative?”

Well, the thing is that you can’t stop those negative thoughts from surfacing. No one can, not even Pope Francis, the Dalai Lama, or the most sacred person you can think of. They all have negative thoughts.

The brain has been wired this way and we can’t change that. It’s part of our survival mechanism to figure out if we are being threatened or we are just stressing ourselves out.

So what do you do?

You make a decision. A decision that you will become a warrior and not a worrier and allow the negativity to control your next move.

Got it?

Becoming a warrior will help you reach heightened levels of performance.

There are only two types of people in this world.

  1. Warriors
  2. Worriers

Which will you choose?

Warriors profoundly influence their motivation, and do not sabotage their lives with self-defeat, distractions or doubt.

Think about it, you are no different than anybody else.

  • Learn to safeguard your positivity just like that sacred person you look up to.
  • Learn how to move forward, this is key to your success.
  • Learn to channel negativity in a positive way, it will alter the course of your life.

Don’t worry, if you are still stuck, that’s something I can help you with. That inner turmoil is an obstacle you can conquer, it just takes practice.

We all want to feel significant like we made a difference in this life. What do you think?

Those feelings of self-confidence, and reassurance are manifested when we learn to safeguard our positivity, focus on our strengths, and stretch our expectations.

Make a decision, and be a high-caliber warrior who takes action.

Focus on what you desire more than anything because that will be your motive. Your motive coupled with action equates to motivation.

Don’t spend a lifetime headed in the wrong direction. Be a warrior, and safeguard your positivity. 

5. Support Network

As you aspire to create positive changes in your life, surround yourself with people that challenge you and support your endeavors.

This will reinforce your self-confidence and you will be developing your social wellness in the process. A support network is comprised of people who love you, support you, and want to see you succeed. They are family, friends, mentors, and coaches who can point you in the right direction.

No great leader achieved anything on their own. They sought counsel of the strongest and brightest minds who made them better.

Think about it?

You’ve had people in your past who made a lasting contribution in your life right? They were teachers, or people you looked up to who had infinite wisdom.

So now that you are a mature woman entrepreneur what will you do?

My recommendation is that you surround yourself with people who will lift you up!

This is where you have to draw that sword and disregard the naysayers. So disown them, and drop them like a bad habit. 

Deep in your heart you know what needs to be done, so it’s your responsibility to create a support network that will guide you along the way.

This is what professional athletes do. They hire coaches that will show them the way, and help them tap into their maximum potential.

Why should you be any different?

You have one life to live so make it the best one possible.

  • Invest in yourself and trust the process.
  • Immerse yourself in something new by getting a coach or mentor who can significantly increase your results.
  • Influence yourself by getting the support community you need. 
  • Identify what you need and make it happen. 

What are you waiting for? If something is not working, let’s help you ignite your warrior spirit and insert a system that will give you insightful clarity. Simple instructions that will map your way forward.

Coaching is a necessary component if you wish to move forward in life.

Coaching can help you seek clarity in helping you determine where you need to start and where you need to go. It will guide you in determining your purpose.

Coaching helps you step up, so you can make a bigger contribution in your personal and professional life.

It helps with accountability so you can measure, and manage your performance.

Moreover, it helps you establish a stronger mindset in facing your fears, so you can step outside your comfort zone.

It gives you the tools so you can be more confident in your personal life and business.

It will guide you in goal setting so you can dream BIG. Goals help you create a life curriculum, and this is what gives your life enthusiasm and direction.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve hired coaches that helped me get unstuck. It was a wise choice and a great return on investment. A coach will help you magnify your branding and your message.

A coach will challenge you and ask, “How are you showing up and is your business in alignment with your values?

This transparency and visual aspect of how you show up reinforces your self-confidence so you can appeal to your target audience.

“Your personal image is uniquely yours and it is tied to your business.”

Furthermore, a great coach can help you in so many ways such as leadership skills. Leadership skills so you understand how to effectively communicate and listen. These techniques will help you establish healthy relationships and boundaries as you build an effective business.

Need help with coaching or would you like to find out more about this process?

Be a warrior, step up and establish a supportive community that will catapult you forward.

Please know I am here to help you. More importantly, I truly care about your wellness and your progress. I sincerely want you to THRIVE so please stay engaged, and stay in the fight.

Strengthen your self-confidence, and safeguard your positivity. Leave your comment below and let me know which step stood out for you. If you are ready for a fun challenge, reach out to me and let’s help you discover how to tap into more self-confidence. Schedule your complimentary session by clicking here.