In order to achieve a strong, sexy physique you have to spark that derriere in motion.

What does this mean?

Get that booty in motion! Do anything that gets your body in motion and push yourself starting today.

Chances are that no one is going to come knocking on your door to get you in a motivated state, so you must take action.

And I know what you mean, easier said than done right?

So what do you do when you have no motivation? You lack willpower and your energy is practically nonexistent?

Let’s look at you from a distant for a minute. I can see you and I can see that you may be dragging a bit. This lack of enthusiasm and lack of motivation is stemming from how you feel.

Focus on the emotion that is keeping you stagnant. You feel unmotivated right?

It’s because you are fueling emotions that keep you in your comfort zone.  

Your emotions have the power to control you.

So what must you do?

Learn to respond differently. Emotion is created by motion, so the moment you physically challenge your body it will alter your state of mind, and this will change your mood.

Do this now, stand up and give me 10 jumping jacks. How does it feel? And if you respond negatively, well chances are you feel bad because you are not comfortable with uncomfortable situations.

You must challenge yourself by breaking away from this complacency because it will get you nowhere! So, I don’t wanna hear it and now give me 10 push ups!                insert drill instructor voice =)

When someone else demands from you such as a personal trainer, it’s easier to get your body in motion because you don’t want to let that person down.

Use this analogy to train yourself. Be your best coach and learn to take action by choosing your words wisely.

Self-motivation is key to a productive lifestyle. So it’s important that you know exactly what to tell yourself on a daily basis.

Pay attention when you have the most energy throughout the day.

This is when you must take advantage and do the thing that requires the most energy.

For example, I have the most energy in the morning and I take advantage of this “window of opportunity” because I know my willpower, motivation, and energy will get depleted throughout the day.

So what about you?

When do you have the most energy? Be resourceful, and have a strategy that helps you maximize your peak performance.

In the beginning, exercise will seem quite difficult because you have not made it a habit.

Listen, it’s not that you are lazy or lack motivation, your brain is just recognizing that you are doing something new.

And we are creatures of habit, and we get complacent because it’s comfortable.

Your brain will give you so many reasons not to exercise because you are introducing something new. You are creating tension and must push through this type of resistance.

This step is crucial because it’s where most people give up. It gets too difficult and it’s much easier to tap out and not push ourselves outside our comfort zone.

This is where you have to be cautious and persistent. Do not listen to what your emotions are telling you to do, and go exercise anyways.

“I promise you after about 30 days, your brain will slowly accept this new habit into your life. Summon your self-discipline to stay on course.”

Filming of JNL exercise DVD’s in 2011.



I believe the only way to lose weight is through a satisfying nutrition plan.

Satisfying nutrition is proper nutrition that will not only give you the proper fuel you need throughout the day but an alternate way of satisfying your palate.

It’s being smart about the foods you currently love to eat and consuming the same foods with a healthier approach.

For example, I don’t know if you noticed but I happen to be Mexican-American. With that being said, I wanna share with you that I grew up on tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and other various Mexican foods.

I love Mexican food and it’s part of who I am, and if you were to take it out of me, I would be highly upset and irritable.

It’s been ingrained in my DNA through my ancestors so it’s really hard to change something that’s deeply rooted in your blood.

So what do you do?

You work on finding an alternative solution.

A satisfying nutrition plan based on your specific needs.

When I started my weight loss journey, I knew that I had to change how I fueled my body. Things were changing after all and I was consistently exercising so the physical demands required more from me.

I needed to eat high nutrient-dense meals. So I started demanding more from myself by cooking more and I was cautious about what would go into my meals. I started scrutinizing every bite and holding myself accountable. 

For example, if I wanted to eat tacos, I would limit the number of tacos I ate and I included salads to fill me up when I was still hungry.

Moreover, the tacos were a healthier version than the ones I used to eat and all I had to do was insert more lean protein, fiber, healthy fats, and the right carbs.

So what must you do?

In order to achieve a healthy meal plan, my recommendation is that you START cooking.

“Home-made meals are irreplaceable as they are made at home, they are fresh, they satiate you, and keep energy levels high.”


Once you have sparked that derriere in motion, and you have implemented a satisfying meal plan you have to strategize a weekly routine.

Strategizing a weekly routine helps you plan ahead.

You need to be responsible for paying attention to where your time goes.

This step is crucial to time-management and it keeps you accountable.

Accept responsibility for your productivity, focus of effort, and what you choose to concentrate on.

Strategizing a routine is a prerequisite for success and it works as a road map for what you must achieve throughout the week.

Not having a routine will lead to randomness and you will inevitably allow external circumstances to dictate what needs to happen next.

When you don’t strategize a routine, your self-discipline goes out the window!

Here are some repercussions of not being able to strategize a routine

  • wasted time
  • overthinking
  • undisciplined mind
  • unproductive
  • bad habits
  • bad mood
  • unfulfillment

Should I keep going? 

“When you strategize a routine it helps you structure daily priorities, tasks, and other important goals such as sculpting that strong physique.”

The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages, and I could give a class on why you should start now. 

But it’s ultimately up to you to simplify the process. When you simplify, it’s much easier to stay on track and dismiss those distractions that do not serve you.

Think about it?

What weekly plan do you have in place now?

Are you easily distracted throughout the week and is your productivity and performance declining?

If so, it’s time to start thinking about strategizing a routine.

What do you say? Yes or yes?



Slowly start practicing aforementioned steps, and you will experience a more disciplined pattern in your weekly routine.  

You will have visibility because you know where your time is being invested.

As such, you will be better able to scrutinize excuses and distractions.

But when you don’t don’t scrutinize excuses you become easily distracted. 

You get distracted with trivial matters and then you…

  • limit your capabilities
  • allow emotions to dictate your day
  • build mental barriers
  • lower self-esteem
  • reinforce bad habits
  • lose self-control
  • procrastinate

So how can we recognize and scrutinize?

“Scrutinizing excuses is tuning into your emotional state through mindfulness.”

Life circumstances such as stress, procrastination, and miscellaneous responsibilities will try to derail you.

Don’t allow negative influences to manipulate your emotional state. Plan ahead and think of what might happen that will throw you off course.

Think about what triggers or bad habits keep you from moving forward.

Do you know what they are?

For example, there will be days when you are sore and tired. You just started working out, so what will you do?

My recommendation is that you incorporate a light cardio day or something that will require low physical intensity.

Thinking about an alternate solution will help you sustain momentum and you will be glad you achieved something productive that day.

Proceed with caution as you move forward.

A big distraction in your pursuit of achieving a strong and sexy body can be your weekends or your environment.

Most people get too complacent on the weekends and sabotage their week’s hard work by overeating on the weekends.

Don’t let this be you! Have one cheat meal and plan it in advance.

Furthermore, reward yourself for the previous week the right way.

Make sure you are getting massages or get some well deserved rest and relaxation. Soak in the bath-tub or seek other self-care rituals. 

Need help with self-care rituals? Check out this complimentary guide on ideas for wellness rituals.


Sleep is a big component of weight loss.

If you are a hard working entrepreneur who started a fitness regime, you want to get at least 7 hours of restful sleep every night.

Sleep affects what you eat, and if you are lacking sleep, you will make bad decisions on what to eat throughout the day.

The lack of sleep will affect you in the following ways:

  • low performance
  • lack of focus
  • irritable
  • bad decisions
  • physical health
  • medical conditions

Basically, you will feel sluggish throughout the day, and you will not be able to increase your athletic performance.

A big reason why I get at least 7 hours of sleep every night is because I want to dramatically increase my creativity and intellect.

When I feel well rested, I feel enthusiastic about life and this enthusiasm channels mental clarity and peak performance. 

Sleeping helps my body recuperate and I give my body a stronger opportunity to effectively burn calories throughout the day.

What about you?

What is keeping you back from working out? You deserve that strong physique. A strong physique gives the woman entrepreneur more confidence, more energy, and sustained levels of productivity.

It’s a prerequisite for women entrepreneurs who need mental, and emotional clarity. Sleep increases immune function and this helps you stay in the fight. 

“These steps are the fountain of youth and they will keep you alert, engaged and present.”

What step stood out the most for you and why?

I hope you’ve enjoyed these secrets that have helped me:

  • spark my metabolism
  • sculpted my physique
  • sexy confidence
  • start a business

Wanna know more? Schedule a self-discovery session and let me know why you are struggling to maintain a healthy weight.